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The inside of Streetlight Lullabies by Tomas Kalnoky

I can’t stop listening holy shit

Even if you’re not a Toh Kay fan or a Streetlight fan or whatever, the message Tomas has written is important and lovely for any artist, or creator to read.

"The camera is a thing. It is a tool you have to take out of it’s box and expose to danger in order to create something. What you create with it has true value, not the thing itself. It’s just a camera in a box without you." 

- Mr. Kalnoky.

The first time I read these liner notes I fucking cried. At that time I felt like such a piece of shit and that I couldn’t finish any work or art I had started. I would just give up halfway through. When I received this in the mail and got around to reading the inside, I suddenly realized, the only thing holding me back was myself. As the saying goes, you’re your own critic. 

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Album Art


pleasure over matter

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ArtistFrank Ocean
TitlePink Matter (feat. Andre 3000)
Albumchannel ORANGE


yea i have a real girlfriend. her names… mysterious. mysterious blood pyramid. she goes to a different school

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Drive Recklessly - Video

"Paid for by the national coalition for laws can go fuck themselves"

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if you die in wii sports resort you die in real life

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Thanks to a generation of massive amounts of standardized testing, our students conceive education primarily as a tool for determining a ranking. The Obama administration’s policy is even called Race to the Top. We have the most read columnist in the country telling us how important it is to raise “standards” so our students don’t fall behind.
For our students’ entire lives we have communicated that the reason to learn things is not to fulfill curiosities, but to see where you stack up relative to others. Grades are no longer a proxy for learning, but a lap time determining how well they’re doing at achieving a secure financial future. Under this system, a “B” is genuine cause for distress. A “C” is a disaster that points towards a ruined life.
At the same time, we have made it increasingly difficult to pay for a genuine education. The burden of loans threatens to strangle adult lives before they really begin. It is now impossible to work your way through college. Concerns over even paying for college are also at an all-time high. We communicate that a college degree is more important than ever and then make it more difficult to achieve.
Students look at the larger culture and see not a ladder of opportunity, but a treadmill of obligation. No wonder they’re distressed.
The Anxiety Crisis | Inside Higher Ed (via notational)

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Even luckier, your mom decides to stay home during your formative cognitive years so she can read you storybooks on the sofa, and help you play alphabet building blocks on the carpet. Except, in that case, she hasn’t been able to earn anything in the free-enterprise system enabling her to put aside for your college tuition, and so—even though you really excelled in public school and are all excited about going on to university—there’s no money to buy the tuition with, in which case you become a customer of one of the more lucrative operations in the American free-enterprise system (the student loan business) and borrow the dollars for your college tuition, which means that when you finally graduate and get that good first job and start earning, a substantial portion of what you earn will have to go towards paying off your $29,000 student debt instead of buying the things for your good life. If you happen to marry someone in the same boat, your young, starting out family now has a combined debt of nearly $60,000—and you haven’t even bought anything yet! Which you won’t be doing anytime soon, either, because not only do you have pay back the $60,000 (plus interest and penalties) you have to start saving immediately for the day care expenses for your future toddlers (what else did you get married for?) which you’ll be forced to incur because staying home to read them storybooks is not an option since it’s going to take all of two incomes to pay off your college debt while at the same time saving for your kid’s future college tuition. Free Enterprise Inc.  (via majoringindebt)

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